Hidden Greatness is online podcast that discusses the hidden power of subconscious mind and looks at how talented people use it to manifest their conscious reality.

It’s a platform not only to educate but to connect those who seek inspirational stories to help develop and guide their own journeys in life.

The show will feature individuals who have become champions in their respected careers and will look at ‘dark to light times’ in their lives and how they managed to navigate their way to greatness.

The show will be powered by NLTV (Nuffin'Long TV) and combine the experience of an Olympian host with over 10 years of talking to some of the greatest mindsets of modern times.

The podcast will host an inclusive mixture of individuals from around the world.

'Hidden Greatness' is a series podcast which comes out weekly (every Tuesday) and will be hosted by Anyika Onuora. Each season will focus on a different category of individual with themes that will facilitate conversation, worldly topics and how the guest grew to become who they are today.

The guests featured on the podcast will all have faced adversity within their lives which will help with the conversation, raise concerns, and give advice & guidance to the listeners.

The shows will be between 45 – 70mins long.

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