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4: Toni Minichiello | Teamwork makes the dreamwork

Toni Minichielle Ep4


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The man who coached Dame Jess Ennis-Hill to Olympic and world titles, Toni Minichiello joined us on the show today (@Coach_Toni).

We talk about how he grew up as a immigrant in the UK, and look at some of his choices as a young man. With all his success there had been some dark times in Toni's life which we also touched on and reflect on how he develop Ennis-Hill to become an Olympic champion.

During NLTV's podcast 'Hidden Greatness' Minichiello discusses how the track and field funding system in the UK is broken and looks at ways in which it can be improved to aid better performances.

The 2012 UK Coach of the year spoke about why he chose to be a track & field coach, discusses the highs and lows in the sport and blamed himself for the injury which led Ennis-Hill to miss out on the 2008 Olympics.

What We Discuss with Toni:

  • His decisions to become a coach from 19 years old.
  • What it was like coaching Olympic champion Jessica Ennis-Hill.
  • What it was like being recognised as one of the nations best coaches.
  • The politics he had with British Athletics.
  • How he views the current state of track and field Internationally.
  • And much more…



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Toni Minichiello with Jessica Ennis


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