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5: Andy Turner | Appreciating your achievements helps happiness



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One of the Britain's fastest ever hurdlers of a generation Andy Turner (@Andyturner110hjoined us to talk about his track and field career and what spurred him to some of his greatest achievements.

Andy Turner talk about how his journey began in becoming one of Great Britain's most prolific sprinters. He discusses why he chose track and field, opens up about his family, talks about how the death of his mother impacted him mentally and discusses the robbery which took place during her funeral.

During NLTV's podcast 'Hidden Greatness' Turner highlights what prompted him to switch careers to Boxing then Body building and why he never appreciated his successful achievements.

Turner was one of the few athletes to share the track with some of the fastest athletes ever in the sport, he opens up about how he felt carrying the former world record holder, Liu Xiang of the track during the London 2012 Olympic games after he fell injured.

Turner and Onuora discussing

What We Discuss with Andy:

  • What his life was like before becoming a hurdler.
  • What racing with some of the greatest athletes ever felt like.
  • Why he never regarded himself as one of the worlds best.
  • The mental impact the death of his mother had.
  • How he would deal with Impostor Syndrome.
  • And much more…



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Andy with Anyika Onuora


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