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6: Jenny Meadows | Switching your mentality to become a champion



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Jenny Meadows (@jennymeadows800) who won the Diamond league over 800m in 2011 and earned medals in the World and European championships opens-up on the show about the financial implication drug cheats have caused her over the years of lost medals.

Meadows discusses how the death of her father impacted her mentally and was the switch she used to become a champion. Jenny recalls the time when she found out her dad had passed away and discusses how she felt and what actions she took to grieve.

During NLTV's podcast 'Hidden Greatness' Meadows discusses drugs in track and field, the amount of prize money she had potentially lost out on and why cheaters should get a life time ban.

Jenny Meadows recalls the 2009 World Championship finals against Caster Semenya and discusses the race which ultimately shaped her career after achieving a World Championship bronze medal in the 800m finals.

Meadows and Onuora discussing

What We Discuss with Jenny:

  • The start of Jenny Meadows Olympic journey.
  • How she needed a psychologist after her fathers death.
  • How to be a professional athlete and the responsibily she had.
  • The impact drug cheats have on the sport and her finance.
  • How she dealt with the changes needed going in to major competition.
  • And much more…



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